Juggling magic and music

A juggler encounters a musician’s voice and while the record plays, they tease and get to know each other, letting us have a glimpse into their worlds.
The two soloists play off each other and form an unlikely duo of complete understanding and tenderness.
A show with lots of mischief, where balls play hide-and-seek, hats fly off, objects and music notes entwine…
A walk strewn with surprises in a universe of tenderness, full of magic and poetry…

"A table, a chair, a coat stand and a case… a record sleeve. We wait. He comes alone, smiles and invites us in. He opens the record player case and carefully places the record on the turntable… Bobby arrives on stage. Irresistable, spellbinding, his voice fills the air. A knowing look, a hat flies off and the game begins… The visual accompanies the music, the music accompanies the visual. Both men oscillate between duo and dual, one juggling with notes, the other with objects. Both enjoy themselves  and share the fun with us. Just like a break from the ordinary, a break with rhythm, with a smile, all in good cheer. Time stands still, and we just feel good… spectators to this pulsating relationship which is alive and breathing as long as the LP record is playing, and then… disappears."

Visual show, no speech, suitable for all ages


  • By and with Frédéric Pérant (actor juggler)
  • Music and inspiration : Bobby Mcferrin,  LP« The Voice-1984 » (face A)
  • Artistic advisor and more... : Danielle Le Pierres (Cie Le P’tit Cirk)
  • Magic look : Pierre Fleury Le Gros (Cie des Dragonfly)
  • Decor : Ronan Menard
  • Costumes : Mademoiselle Lolotte (Laurence Demay)


The Voice LP, 1984 Bobby Mc Ferrin, Face A


Conseil Départemental des Côtes d'Armor and Saint-Brieuc Agglomération