Bobby & Moi

Bobby & Moi
Magical and musical juggling

A juggler encounters Bobby McFerrin’s magical voice and while the record plays, they tease and get to know each other, letting us have a glimpse into their worlds.

The two soloists play off each other and form an unlikely duo of complete understanding and tenderness.

A show with lots of mischief, where balls play hide-and-seek, hats fly off, objects and music notes entwine.

A walk strewn with surprises in a universe of tenderness, full of magic and poetry.

Visual show, no speech
Suitable for all ages
Running time : 25 min
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Bobby and the juggling poet… a lovely musicality and rythm.

Charente Libre

30 minutes with the virtuoso of the vocal art Bobby McFerrin and a magic juggler. He juggles with notes, melon hats, balls… with a breathtaking dexterity. Everything is flexible, everything is magical.


By and with Frédéric Perant
Music and inspiration : Bobby Mcferrin, LP The Voice, 1984
Artistic advice : Danielle Le Pierres (Cie Le P’tit Cirk)
Magic look : Pierre Fleury Le Gros (Cie Dragonfly)
Decor : Ronan Ménard
Suits : Mademoiselle Lolotte (Laurence Demay)

L'affiche du spectacle Bobby & Moi