Bouncing, Hat and Magic

More than a juggling act, « Bouncing back » is a magic potion which takes us into an offbeat universe which is both sensitive and funny.

The waltz begins and a different world is revealed in which an astonishing character lives with his juggling balls and his hat.

Performance and precision, comedy and magic, humour and poetry. A clever mix with a surprising and effective result !

Visual show, no speech
Suitable for all ages
Running time : 6 min
By and with Frédéric Perant alias Fred Cie Poc
Music : Julien Loureau – No Name Valse / Robert le magnifique – Fantasy
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Innovative juggling based on visual effects and surprises which feed the story and the burlesque antics of the character. The moves are in perfect sync with the music. Each effect is exact to the very millimeter.

Compagnie Poc from France had the magicians clamouring for more with an incredible hat juggling and ball sequence that saw the Opera House rise to its feet.

GENII Magazine 2012

Rebondissement… was rewarded by a Mandrake d’Or in 2013 and a Golden Magic (Moscow) in 2015.

Frédéric was invited to present his show twice in front of the public of the world championships of Magie FISM : in 2012 at Blackpool (UK) and in 2018 at Busan (KR).

Magic Castle Los Angeles (USA), Masters of Magic (IT), White Magic (RU), Impossivel-tv (PT)…