The Cie POC was created in 2011 by Frédéric PERANT, allias Fred Cie POC, with the ambition of a different approach on juggling, a visual and surprising juggling with a creative and unique way of incorporate magic, music and body-percussion into it.
From street to stage, from festivals to TV studios around the world, the Cie POC wants to share his work,


  • 2018 :BPM, Juggling Concert (new visual and musical version) / 2015 : BPM 2.1, Juggling Concert
  • 2012 : Bobby & moi, Juggling, Magic and music
  • 2011 : Rebondissement, Boucing Balls, hat and Magic

More than 600 représentations since 2012 around the world : Portugal, Italy, Korea, Taïwan, England, Spain, Argentina, China, Russia, Lituania, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, USA, Canada …

Frederic PERANT, allias "Fred Cie Poc"

Frédéric has been a juggler, object manipulator, musical gesture and street performer for over 20 years. He has gradually built up his own vision of juggling, in a beautiful fusion of orginality, passion and talent.

Through his encounters, magic has become part of his world and the natural catalyst essential to this alchemy. His work on Juggling, Magic and Music has been the recipient of international magic awards as theMandrake d’Or 2013 and theGolden Magic – Moscow 2015.

It has been aclaimed forFISM, Wolrd Championships of Magic Korea 2018, White Perm Convention 2014- Russia / Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde 2012 / 45th AMA Awards Show – Magic Castle Los Angeles / Blackpool Magic Convention 2012 / Masters of Magic 2012 / FISM 2012 Blackpool / BIFM 2012 Busan Korea / French Congress of Illusion 2011 and many TV shows in Italy, China, Russia, Portugal…

For the last 3 years, his researches on musicality of juggling, place the juggler as a real musician, and his objects as real instruments : incorporating bounces, shots and trajectories of balls in the musical composition and body-percussion choreography. A practice where we look at music and listen to movement. On this work, he has been collaborating closely wtih Mikis Papazof, a body-percussionist and Guillaume Lancou, a multi-instrumentalist, who perform with him in his last show BPM.

The Cie POC is supported by Le Conseil Départemental - Côtes d’Armor 22-France)

support and partnership on BPM  :

Co-productions : Itinéraires Bis - Association de Développement Artistique et Culturel des Côtes d’Armor (22) / Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit- Rennes (35) / Le Fourneau Centre National des Arts de la Rue Bretagne (29) / Réseau Quatre Ass et Plus en Sud Finistère (29)
Soutiens à la résidence : Le Carré Magique, Pôle National des Art du Cirque, Lannion (22) / L’Hermine – Sarzeau (56) / L’Estran – Guidel (56) / Le RADAR Réseau des Arts de la Rue Bretagne
Partenaires : DRAC - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication au titre de l'aide à la production 2014 / Conseil Régional de Bretagne / Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor (22) / Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne / SPEDIDAM / Saint-Brieuc agglomération (22)


The team

Friends and Supports

Our dream administration team !

Thanks to Marion (president), Camille (secretary), Mia (treasurer) and all our friend supporters!

Artistic Collaborations

For Bobby & moi : Danielle Le pierres • La Cie du petit cirk website

For BPM and BPM 2.1 : Anouch Paré. Olivier Germser • Tango Sumo website

Costume Makers

Aude Gestin (for BPM 2.1) and Mad’moiselle Lolotte (for Bobby & moi and Rebondissement)

Musical and technologic supports

Franck Robert alias Robert Le Magnifique and Patrick Suchet alias Taprik


Mako (Photos Bobby & moi) • Le site de Mako

L’Oeil de PACO (Photos BPM 2.1) • Le site de Paco


g2yeux • Le site de g2yeux

Film Makers

Simon Guyomard for Bobby & moi and Nicolas Charles for BPM 2.1